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HMI Fresnel Lights
ARRIMAX 18kw w. High speed ballast160.000 Ft
Arri M90 ARRIMAX w. High speed ballast125.000 Ft
Arri 6K ARRISUN w. Ballast60.000 Ft
Arri M40/25 ARRIMAX w. High speed ballast40.000 Ft
Arri M18 ARRIMAX w. High speed ballast30.000 Ft
Arri M8 ARRIMAX w. High speed ballast20.000 Ft
Arri 1200 W 240V HMI/SE COMPACT w. Ballast18.000 Ft
ARRISUN 4000/2500W30.000 Ft
ARRISUN 1200W20.000 Ft
ARRISUN 575W15.000 Ft
K5600 Alpha 4K30.000 Ft
K5600 Alpha 160028.000 Ft
K5600 Joker2 80020.000 Ft
K5600 Joker2 40018.000 Ft
K5600 Joker bug 20014.000 Ft
400 W HMI Spot10.000 Ft
ARRI 400 W Pocket PAR15.000 Ft
ARRI 200 W Pocket PAR12.000 Ft
ARRI 125 W Compact10.000 Ft
TUNGSTEN Fresnel Lights
Arri 10/12 KW 240V Spot10.000 Ft
Arri 5 KW 240V Spot5.000 Ft
Arri T2 2000W 240V Spot2.500 Ft
Arri T1 1000W 240V Spot2.000 Ft
Arri 650 W 240V Spot2.000 Ft
Arri 300 W 240V Spot1.500 Ft
Arri 150 W 240V Spot1.500 Ft
Kobold 3x 300w spot set 4.000 Ft
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